On the footsteps of the Sullivan family…

In response to the 2008 recession, master wig designer Daniele Sullivan, took the adventurous decision to relocate her large family from Baltimore, Maryland to Cusco, Peru, South America.

The purpose of this move: developing the hair collection business - our family's venture - accessing the local sources of hair to serve selected American customers with the best possible Peruvian Hair at the lowest possible prices, and opening a local lace wig factory.

As opposed to any other virgin cuticle hair types on the market, Peruvian hair stands out for its beautiful healthy texture, as Peruvian people eat large amounts of meat regardless of their humble means. (we know that protein intake influences hair quality).

These lustrous long and dark colored bundles blend exceptionally well with African American natural hair, giving any woman the feeling of wearing her own hair, just so much better and longer!
In addition, Peruvian women rarely use any chemical on their hair at all, besides occasional shampoo, and wash exclusively with cold water. (A far cry from the heavily processed and permed Indian hair, so often misleadingly called “Peruvian”).

Our family bravely took charge of direct hair collection from natives, and consequently we developed a unique experience and knowledge in the hair collection business.

At the present, we are back in the US and ready to put their knowledge to your service, taking you to this incredible journey. Daniele herself will accompany you to the spectacular and exotic Inca city of Cusco, for you to experience walking in the footsteps of a hair collector, and introduce you to the secret world of international hair collection. You will have the opportunity to bring hair directly from Peru for your hair extension/weaves/ wig making business while connecting with sources of Peruvian hair.
Master wig designer of 22 years/wig Instructor Daniele, will be offering you a FREE class on the topic of “Introduction to cuticle hair” class during our traveling and will be offering FREE question-answer sessions and will be available for business consulting* during your trip.

Close to the Amazon rainforest and Machu Picchu, high in the Andes mountains, The Sacred Valley is awaiting you, ready to change your life and your hair business forever.

As Carolyn McCarthy shares:
“For me, Peru is the molten core of South America, a distillation of the oldest traditions and the finest building, weaving and art made by the most sophisticated cultures on the continent. In Peru the wildest landscapes – from frozen Andean peaks to the deep Amazon – help us re-forge our connection to the natural world. It is also a cultural stew, where diverse peoples live side by side, negotiating modern life with humor and aplomb. Beyond that, the cuisine alone makes it worth the trip. Every return is rich and surprising.”
Inquire now and find out how to embark in this adventure of a lifetime.

* consulting is extra charge.

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February 18th-25th, 2018

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Deposit of $1,500 is required, as well as medical clearance form and legal waver.
Remaining balance $3,000 due between now and February 1st with Paypal and $500 to remit in cash at the airport.