This page answers the most frequently asked questions. 
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1- What exactly will I be learning ​during the 2 days​ ​wig making​ training course?

Our​ professional training course ​is a comprehensive program that covers everything you need to know in order to start your very own line of wig production. It ​consist in ​multiple ​p​arts​:
Introduction: discovering the best hair for top quality production as well as the most advanced techniques in wig making, ​​custom and stock orders, effectively dealing with recommended international suppliers, and the third part: marketing and networking in the hair industry.                    

2- Are 2 days sufficient to learn "everything"?

Absolutely!  Here is why:
Our classes are taught in a methodical and organized way, following the program Daniele Sullivan - Master Wig Designer  (your instructor) specially designed and regularly updates to fit your changing professional needs, and to bring you the latest fashion and advancements in the market.
The training course is completed when all items on the program have been taught and are fully understood by all.

In addition, you will receive over 40 pages of prints that have been created over the years.  Some of these prints include: descriptions of different types of hair on the market, de-tangling technique, wig design, wig creation charts, suppliers list, customer order form, manufacture order form, common defects and their prevention, application and removal of Lace units and more...
These prints save you an incredible amount of time, eliminating the need of taking notes, and guarantees the information is concise, clear and available always within your reach, for all present and future reviews and applications.
Video footage of the main techniques taught in class is made available to you after the course. 

In addition, I offer one year of follow up as well as the option of retaking the full course one more time FOR FREE within a year (joining a group class in location of your choice).

Our goal is to teach you how to operate a hair replacement business, by purchasing the highest quality of cuticle hair wholesale and using reliable outsourcing companies for the manufacturing process. Therefore, there is no need to spend hours and days on a technique that will only be used occasionally.  Rather, our class is invested in what you really need: discovering the money making secrets of this amazing hair business!!! 

​3- Will we be completing a whole wig during the wig making course?

As explained just above, the goal of the course is to operate a business by purchasing the hair wholesale and using outsourcing companies for the manufacturing process, reserving your precious time for consultations, networking and marketing your products and services. 
You surely will be learning HOW to ventilate a full lace wig, as well as how to take custom orders specifications, and how to develop your own designs. However the ventilating technique -(which is by far the best wig making technique) is extremely time consuming.  The reputable outsourcing companies I share with you on my confidential suppliers list are willing to offer you extremely attractive wholesale prices for all your workmanship needs, being that you are being referred from me. By having them do the tedious handwork, you are now free  from time-consuming labor, and in return able to invest your time in a highly productive financially rewarding way.
Of course, you will be using the ventilating technique for any immediate need: repair, customizing a hairline, adding highlights. Those of you who are patient and have the time might use the technique for top pieces and closures, and those of you who wish so might train someone to work for them on their on premises.

We not only offer the most advanced ​wig m​aking​​ ​​c​ourse instruction available in the world, but we open your eyes to the limitless opportunities the hair replacement world has in store for you!
Please make sure your question is not answered on this page before contacting us. However, if you read this whole page and have any of hesitation...
4- Are the people who take your training course successful in the business?

My mission is for you to be successful! I give out all my knowledge and secrets as well as a whole year of support, so that you have all the tools to be successful.
It is in your hands to use those tools.
Sitting back and relaxing has never been a good business advice. But if you have the determination and dedication to succeed, then you will.
Nothing is difficult to do when you know how to. And this is what I offer: Empowering you with knowledge, infusing you with skills and professional wisdom.
Following are recent pictures of some of the work of a few of my students:

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