MASTER Wig Designer Daniele Sullivan, is a French native orthodox Jewish woman,who resides in the US after having lived in Israel for 17 years.
Mother of eleven children  (yes!!!), ranging from 29 to 9 years old, Daniele is the proud grandmother of Leah (6) and Jack (5).

Six sons and five daughters do not disturb our workaholic entrepreneur to develop a productive and successful career in the fast-growing hair industry.          
Daniele travels nationwide to teach others how to design,create, repair and manufacture the most natural looking wigs and hair pieces, sharing with the best kept secrets of this multi-billion dollar wig industry, and empowering you in your new business venture.

Having relocated her family to Peru for several years, Daniele offers you the very best BULK AND WEFTED HAIR at wholesale prices, as well as exquisite NATURAL LOOKING WIGS AND HAIRPIECES.


In 1995, looking for a home based side income, Daniele responds to a classified ad, requesting a "ventilating helper", and begun her career by earning $7/hour.
Seeing the amazing potential of the basic hair ventilating technique, and the possibility to apply it to repair wigs to the benefit of a multitude of frustrated customers in need of wig repairs, Daniele took the challenge, and literally taught herself how to repair, renew, and rejuvenate any type of wig.
This is how THE SHETEL CLINIC in Baltimore, MD, came to life in the year 2000 (and still operates today under different management). Daniele has been published several times. CHECK IT HERE!

The unique opportunity of repairing hundreds of quality wigs gave Daniele remarkable insights into the wig making techniques, and being able to compare the wear and tear process of a multitude of wigs, giving her an exceptional understanding in the field.

Developing a strong database of reliable hair suppliers and manufacturers, completed the ¨full picture¨ required before launching her very own wig production, in 2002.
Realizing all through her career how secretive the wig making field is, the idea of sharing her knowledge to the benefit of other stay at home moms, gave birth to our unique WIG MAKING COURSE, 15 years ago.

Sharing all the wig making secrets no one else would share, as well as the lessons learnt from the painstaking¨trial and error¨process, Daniele´s mission is to help others increase their income while providing the most natural looking wigs, in an honest and professional way.
It would be lying to say that the huge success ahead of her was ever expected. 
Indeed Daniele has trained thousands of people from any walk of life, who came from dozens of countries and several continents, and now specializes in training professional hair salon owners, celebrity stylists, movie makers, producers and anyone else who wants to enter the field of wig making by producing remarkable quality work, using state of the art techniques, and providing superior services though the industry.





The road to success is highly challenging, nerve-racking at times, but being so involved already, Daniele decided not to quit.

Several articles have been published since 2004 relating Daniele's unusual personal and professional accomplishments. She was interviewed in the Chicago Sun Times, The Baltimore Jewish Times, and appeared on the Beauty Channel in 2007. CHECK HERE

Totally committed to get "the best South American hair" for her production as well as her customers, Daniele moved with her family to South America to spend two years and develop a strong network of hair collectors, and develop her own production.



Our mission is to teach others all the well-kept secrets, techniques and skills of wig making so that others can enter this wonderfully lucrative profession on an easy path, without any difficulty. This is the reason why we lowered our training course prices to  ROCK BOTTOM.


"There is no competition when your goal is to be your best self"                    
As a believer, Daniele feels that there is 
NO SUCH THING as competition. Rather, God distributes financial wealth to every single person according to his own Divine plan. 
As the ocean is filled with abundance of water, so the world is filled with enough wealth for all of us.
All we need to do is our own personal and professional effort.

Teaching you all secrets of wig making, invisible lace wigs, machine wefting hair, and wig repairs. Professional sheitel class, professional wig and hair training, South American Hair bulk and wefts.
2016 -with Leah and Jack
2006 - 10 children (11th wasn't born yet)